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Preventive Dentistry Specialist

Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry

Sara Bukhari, DDS

Pediatric Dentistry located in Phoenix, AZ

Preventive dentistry reduces the risk of potentially serious oral health problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and crowding. At Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry, Sara Bukhari, DDS, and the team offer preventive dentistry to young people of all ages, including oral exams, teeth cleaning, and oral health education. To make an appointment for your child at the practice in Phoenix, Arizona, call the office to speak with a team member or use the online booking tool today.

Preventive Dentistry Q&A

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry works to diagnose and treat oral health problems early on before they cause more serious issues. Taking your child to the dentist on a routine basis is one of the easiest ways to protect their smile for years to come. 

Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry uses preventive dentistry to educate children and their families on various topics, including:

  • Baby bottle tooth decay
  • Pediatric nutrition and diet
  • Tooth eruption
  • Crowding and misalignments
  • Good oral hygiene

Also, preventive dentistry presents an opportunity to discuss unusual symptoms and encourages your child to build a relationship with their provider.

What services does preventive dentistry provide?

At Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry, the team offers a variety of preventive dentistry services:

Dental exams

A dental exam is a routine checkup that assesses your child’s oral health. During an exam, your child’s provider observes their teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks, looking for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or other potential problems. If the team detects anything unusual, they can order additional testing, like digital X-rays or a biopsy.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays use electronic sensors and low levels of radiation to provide images of your child’s jaw, tooth roots, and alveolar bone. The images help detect oral health problems that occur beneath the gum line, like deep decay or bone loss. 

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning removes plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria from your child’s teeth. Afterward, their provider polishes their teeth with gritty toothpaste, flosses their teeth, and applies fluoride treatment or dental sealants if prescribed.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatment involves the team applying a gel, varnish, or liquid fluoride solution to your child’s teeth. Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound found in many foods and water sources. It strengthens the tooth enamel, lowering the risk of cavities.


Sealants are thin plastic coatings applied to the tops and sides of a tooth. They prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria, significantly lowering your child’s risk of tooth decay.

Oral health education

It’s important that children develop good oral hygiene at an early age. The team works with children of all ages and teaches them how to brush and floss properly. In addition, they can provide nutritional guidance and make recommendations to prevent sports or activity-related injuries.

Early orthodontic screening

All children should receive an orthodontic screening by the time they’re seven. If the team detects any potential issues, like crowding, impacted teeth, or a misaligned jaw, they can refer your child to an orthodontist who specializes in braces and other orthodontic appliances.

If your child has difficulty sitting still, a sensitive gag reflex, or dental anxiety, Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry offers sedation for preventive dentistry visits. 

How often does my child need preventive dentistry?

The team recommends you schedule a preventive dentistry appointment for your child at least two times a year. This rule applies even if your child’s teeth and gums appear healthy. Many problems don’t present symptoms early on, so they might not realize anything is amiss.

To learn more about preventive dentistry, make an appointment for your child at Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry by calling the office or using the online booking tool.